Soaringlab is a web-based project to review flights in IGC format,
manage waypoints and create tasks.

Enjoy analysing flights and prepare for the next !

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screenshot flights

Replay Flights

Replay your flights in 3D in your browser window.

Using Google Maps for a clear 2D overview when loading multiple flights, and Cesium for their world-class 3D globe to really relive your flights.

screenshot statistics

Flight Statistics

There is no such thing as "to much information" when we are analysing our flights.

Parameters as average climbrate, speed and LD can be compared over multiple flights.

screenshot waypoints

Waypoint Editor

Load waypointfiles in .CUP fileformat to display these waypoints on the map.

Create and edit waypoints to personalize waypointfiles.

Export waypoints to load them in your navigation software.

screenshot tasks

Task Planning

Prepare your flights by creating tasks in Soaringlab.

Use OpenAIP layers to avoid most important airspace, and switch on the Blipmaps layer to make sure you don't miss those nice cumulus clouds.


IGC webview

An IGCviewer made by Alistair Malcolm Green and Richard Brisbourne which was a true inspiration and shows the potential of reviewing IGC files in a browser window.


Cesium created an awesome 3D globe and environement. It's a real joy to review our flights in the Cesium viewer.

Visit Cesium's website

Google Maps

Google Maps are well known to most users, these maps are very clear and complete so they deliver the perfect background for an overview of our flights.


OpenAIP is another great opensource project that delivers airspace and airportlayers.

Visit OpenAIP

RASP Blipmaps

We use a very straightforward approach to implement the RASP Weathercharts. Just switch-on the Blipmaps(BM) layer and select the chart. Zoom out to see the full result.


Charronizer allows flemish pilots to load their flights from Charronline by simply selecting the flightdate.

Visit Charron website